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Key Services

Our group works in collaboration with our Scotia Wealth Management specialists to implement strategies that take care of our clients’ investments, income and asset protection, succession planning, will and estate planning, banking, and borrowing needs.

We understand that worthwhile goals take time and planning to reach. To bring our clients’ long-term goals closer, we help them analyze their current financial situation and create an optimized financial strategy. On a regular basis, we review the progress our clients are making towards their goals and make the necessary adjustments to ensure they stay on plan.

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The services we offer are best suited to clients with assets to be managed in excess of $500,000.

Investment Planning

Rather than just being Investment Advisors, we provide our clients with a fully delegated investment management option. We have the expertise, resources, and licensing to work as your personal portfolio manager. This often has the effect of reducing your costs as middle men are eliminated.

We have full access to a responsive team of specialists within ScotiaMcLeod, Scotiabank, and Scotia Wealth Management. When coupled with preferred access to buy-side research and perspective, we can access the required expertise to provide our clients with a comprehensive investment strategy that maximizes your gains while managing your risk.

Personal & Private Banking Services

Top-notch, personal day-to-day banking services are offered through your regular branch, or we can customize private banking services to meet your needs— you are free to choose the option that best suits you.

Retirement Planning

We offer registered retirement products, including RRSPs, RRIFs and annuities. We invite you to read about our process and strategies to help you secure your financial future.

Estate Planning

You’ll receive all the support you need as we work with you to develop a customized overall plan to guide all your estate planning decisions.

Insurance Planning

Our insurance solutions both enhance and complement your complete financial strategy and deliver on our Client Commitment to provide you with recommendations that reflect your entire financial picture.

Education Planning

Gain guidance on how to maximize the value of your Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), and information about other options.