Investing For Profit And Responsibly

February 23, 2018

If you could invest in businesses that are less likely to be left holding the bag and covering the related expense for an environmental clean-up, would you? If you could invest in businesses that are less likely to run into expensive problems with its workers, would you? How about companies that sets up their management and board of directors in a way that is designed to keep the companies running well and making ethical decisions? Would you invest in those businesses? Read More…

Bitcoin Buzz

January 26, 2018

There haven’t been many recent finance stories that have attracted more attention and barber shop chatter than a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Those who bought it recently may be starting to feel the bitcoin blues as prices plunge. Governments and regulators continue to make announcements from outright bans on its use to taxes on cryptocurrency transactions that make it seem less and less likely to be a long term thing.

It makes sense. For the past decade or more governments around the world have been focused on stamping out financial transactions that result from illegal activities. The idea is that if criminals can’t transfer or spend the money they earn doing bad things, their criminal and terrorist organizations will be starved financially and wither. Read More…